Sports Medicine

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Orthopedic Soundwave

Speed up tissue, ligament and tendon repair with targeted sound wave therapy.


Contour Light

Battle joint inflammation and speed recovery with this new technology.


Acupuncture & Cupping

Relieve pain and treat a variety of conditions with scientifically proven acupunture.

Optimize Your Performance.

At Center for Holistic Healthcare, we offer a variety of cutting-edge technologies combined with advanced therapies to help restore your body and relieve pain so that you can feel better and perform at your best.

PRP Pain Relief

Use the body's healing power to accelerate your return to competition.


Neuro Feedback Therapy

Bring out the best in your performance by retraining your brain to process more efficiently.



Cutting edge technology to understand concussion and next steps for treatment.

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Prolozone Therapy

Repair damaged connective tissue and permanently treat chronic pain.

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What our clients are saying

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I highly recommend! I've been with Alina since she was with her previous practice and am now going to be bringing my child into the practice. The new location is great and I love all the staff!

Jennifer L.

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Alina ran bloodwork that no other provider ran, and discovered underlying conditions that otherwise would have gone untreated. She is very holistic in her practice and truly cares about her patients quality of life.

Jennifer S.

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Alina worked with me to treat my Lyme Disease diagnosis. She combines mainstream and "alternative" medicine. A few years later I am not on any medications and back to work fulltime. She believes your symptoms and I can tell she cares. She is wonderful.

Tammy G.

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Alina Scniender is by far the best APRN around. She is knowledgeable, caring, has a great bedside manner and really knows how to treat the whole patient- not just symptoms.

Jessica C.