Mental Wellnesss

Innovative Therapies for Mental Wellness

At Center for Holistic Healthcare, we partner with our patients to create the best path to wellness that fits their goals and lifestyle. We are proud to offer a variety of treatments and cutting edge diagnostic tools to give us a better picture of mental heath and find the right solutions to help improve symptoms.
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Ketamine Therapy

Fast-acting alternative treatment for mood and pain disorders, PTSD and more.


Neuro Feedback Therapy

Re-train your brain patterns to function more efficiently to boost performance and reduce unwanted symptoms.



A cutting-edge diagnostic tool to help understand and treat mental health.

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A nasal treatment that can help combat depression, anxiety, PTSD other diagnosed mental conditions.

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Ketamine Therapy Can Help Provide Rapid Relief

We offer this powerful treatment to patients with chronic pain and mood conditions. Unlike traditional medications for mood conditions, ketamine infusion therapy doesn’t take 4-6 weeks to start working. About 75% of patients report significant improvement within two weeks, and many report immediate relief.

The days of waiting weeks or months for relief are over. If you or a loved one are dealing with the symptoms of a mood or pain disorder we can help.