Integrative Wellness

Innovative Therapies for Wellness

At Center for Holistic Healthcare, we partner with our patients to create the best path to wellness to fit their goals and lifestyle. We are proud to offer a different form of healthcare – holistic medicine – that is uniquely poised to not only address and reverse chronic conditions, but improve long-term health and well-being.
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Vitamin IV Therapy

Boost your immune system and enjoy more energy

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Wellness Visits

Stay healthy and well with yearly check-ups and more.

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Prolozone Injections

Find relief from joint pain and repair damage naturally


NAD IV Therapy

Repair and regenerate your mental state and entire body.


Contour Light

Support cellular healing and naturally treat many conditions.


Functional Medicine

Find relief from symptoms by identifying the root cause.



Promote natural healing and treat a wide range of conditions.


Family Medicine

Make wellness a priority for you and your family.



A cutting edge diagnostic tool to understand & treat mental health.

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Weight Management

Improve your wellness and achieve your weight loss goals.


ProLon Professional

Enjoy the benefits of fasting while maintaining nutrients.

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Light the Way to Wellness

with The Contour Light

Burn hard-to-lose fat and lose 4-6 inches in one session. Red light therapy also can help inflammation, pain relief, migraines and many more chronic conditions.