Opening a window into your mind to promote overall health.

The BrainView system is a device designed to help effectively understand and quantify memory loss, cognitive impairment, and other stress-related neurological conditions. This allows us to provide a total picture of your Brain’s overall health with this non-invasive, pain-free test.
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Detect Memory Decline Before the Symptoms Start

Cognitive impairment can occur at any age for a variety of reasons, including: stress, dementia, head injury, sleep disorders, and pain. At the primary care level, current testing lacks the sensitivity and specificity to make accurate patient assessments. Until recently, it has been difficult to objectively assess patients for cognitive impairment due to the lack of specificity.

Brainview tests neuro-cognitive function due to aging, the prevalence of stress and pain, and  the impact of head injuries on cognition. Cognitive symptoms can occur outside of normal age-associated memory loss. When assessing a head injury,  without proper diagnosis, a head injury can have a severe negative impact on patient outcomes. Patients that are cognitively impaired can present with symptoms of confusion, forgetfulness, "brain fog," and functional impairment.


Early Detection is Key.

As we age, the prevalence and impact of cognitive impairment can have a significant effect on individuals, families, and society as a whole. A decline in cognitive abilities is now believed to be a process that occurs over 20 to 30 years, eventually leading to poor cognitive outcomes.
Early detection of cognitive disorders allows for quicker treatment of the associated causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, thyroid problems.